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Apr 13, 2022
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One of the biggest complaints we hear from restaurant owners and their customers is receiving soggy food.3oz paper cup The hot and crispy French fries that started out in styrofoam containers -- basically crunchy death traps -- were soft and squishy, wet and sad when they arrived at hungry customers. We hear a lot of business owners talking about soggy fried foods, as if there's no way to fix it, no way to keep it crispy.16oz paper cup Thankfully, we know there are several ways to keep fried chicken, onion rings, and any other masochistic and fried delicious, hot and crisp, just as they are meant to be. Ditch styrofoam Styrofoam packaging has been the standard for take-out food containers for years. And for good reason. Styrofoam packaging does not leak and is a good insulation material. Unfortunately, it doesn't breathe, which means hot food will actually be steamed to death.6oz cup with lid Not to mention what it does to the earth! That's why we always recommend cardboard packaging.3oz paper cups It's environmentally friendly for beginners, and it's also more friendly for fried foods. Cardboard and paperboard allow more steam to escape than styrofoam. Use ventilated takeaway containers For those of you who do use styrofoam, you might be guilty of poking holes in containers to help keep food crispy.16oz double wall hot coffee cups As creative as it is, it's still styrofoam! None of us. No good. Ventilated containers prevent moisture from building up near your hot fried food. These vents don't have to be big, either. In fact, they are more effective if they stay small.paper takeout container The vents are still large enough to allow steam and moisture to escape, but they're not so large that your food will get cold on the way to your customer's door. Keep food loosely packed If you must wrap food before putting it in a container, be careful not to wrap it too tightly.kraft paper hot coffee cups You might think wrapping your food tightly will keep it fresh, but all it does is seal in the moisture and ensure it will get soaked if you don't eat it quickly. Wrap burgers and other fried foods loosely so they have room to "breathe." 22oz paper cup Although the "ban on plastic" requires the use of degradable materials instead of disposable plastic straws, it should not be at the cost of sacrificing food safety.double wall coffee paper cup There are large number of substandard biodegradable material on the market, the safety issues of biodegradable food container will eventually be resolved due to the continuous improvement of market regulation and the continuous investment in research and development of enterprises.


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